Monday, March 7, 2011

It all started with an imaginary dog.

'Future puppy', as we used to call it, was the dog we were going to get when we moved out of our rented apartment. Despite our building being very unfriendly towards pets (and ‘spies’ in the building on the lookout for signs of unwelcome residents being snuck in), we toyed with the idea of getting one anyway, keeping it secretly in the spare bedroom, taking it for walks under the cover of darkness and hoping to hell that it didn’t bark during the day.
Fortunately we discarded that idea as being completely ridiculous unable to be sustained in the long run.
So we did what we thought was the most logical step in order to make Future Puppy a reality.
We bought a house.
A house. Now I’m sure you might be thinking, ‘um… couldn’t you have found a pet friendly rental? Just hung out at the dog park? Bought a goldfish to tie you over?’
Yes, we could have. Your point......?
ANYWHOO, not 3 weeks after moving in, our future puppy just became puppy. Little Miss Bridget became the newest member of the household.
Seriously. How cute is she?! And that smooshy little face? MELT!!

Fast-forward a few months and we're finally settled - Bridget is house trained, sleeping past 4.30am and we're a happy family of three.  Um and then it kind of dawned on us that our sweet little house needed probably at the very least a FRACTION of the attention that we lavished on Bridget.

Which gets me finally to the point of this blog; to document the process of our first home going from oh… to woah!!, one DIY project at a time. So if you're wanting to kill a bit of time, procrastinating at work, or just legitimately doing some research on the what not to do with DIY, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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  1. awww..Bridget is so cute. Potty trained too so fast! You lucky girl...Lucy took almost a year. Thanks for joining us, and have fun!

  2. Bridget is adorable! Dogs are so hard work in the beginning but so well worth it.

  3. That Bridget sure deserved a house!!! Now, get her room done and show it to us!!! Looks like she deserves the very best!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!
    Kisses from Buddy and Zoe...

  4. That face makes me want a puppy! So adorable. She's a quick learner. Glad she has a new house.

  5. She really is the sweetest thing. But such a poser too - She likes to get in the way of all my photgraphs! I'm putting together a post on her new dog bed soon :)