Sunday, July 24, 2011

Repurposing a Kingsize bed quit cover

I was going through the linen closet last week, trying to have a bit of a cull. I live in an older home you see, which has a distinct lack of storage space. I’m takin’ no wardrobes, no linen cupboards and no junk closet to, well, hide all the junk. Instead, we have a bunch of Ikea wardrobes – they take up a hunk of space, but are seriously necessary. Space is at a premium, hence the cull!
I pulled out my Marriott duvet cover, which has been lurking in there for a while now.

image courtesy of Marriott UK
Now before you accuse me of being one of those take-everything-that-isn’t-bolted-down hotel guests, I actually won it. Yup – a duvet cover. Actually, it was more than just the cover – I won a kingsize bed, gorgeous linen, pillow topper for the mattress, a bazillion cushions, a duvet and the kingsize duvet cover.
Cool huh!

The king-size bed wouldn’t fit in my room though, so we sold that, but held onto everything else. But the duvet cover? I already had a spanky looking one on my bed, so it’s never been used.
I didn’t want to give it away…but then I had a brainwave. I’d cut it up!
Crazy huh – a gorgeous, brand new duvet cover, worth about $200 and I was about to cut it into pieces.
But I did.  
Firstly, I made a smaller duvet cover for the king single bed in our guest bedroom.
Then I made a matching pillow case
Then a pillowcase for the European pillow (this pillow was one from the prize loot!)
That duvet fabric just kept going!
I decided to make two smaller pillows for our main bedroom. I originally only had one square pillow, with a Sheraton pillow slip on it. Now it SERIOUSLY looked stolen, but I promise I didn’t!!! It was given to me when I went to one of their resorts for a famil (a shmancy term for a people in my industry who have to check out hotels and venues for their appropriateness to our work. Sweet job, huh!) So I cut the pillow form in half and made two matching pillow slips for them.

They’re very sweet, but I kinda thing we need a little texture there… I might remake them with a pleated front or something.

So there you have it – from one unused king-sized duvet cover to a new duvet cover and four different pillow slips. Not bad huh! Plus some fabric to spare… maybe some pretty napkins? A simple window cover for the blue bathroom window? Who knows, but I’ll let you know what I come up with!

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A Blogging Nightmare

The worst thing that can happen to a blogger, just happened to me.

My internet connection died....


Bad huh. But it got worse. What could be worse than 4 weeks without internet you ask? Having a VOIP phone connected to said internet connection. So - no phone, no internet. 4 weeks.

Finally, after numerous *expensive* hours spent dealing with my service provider over my cell phone, a handful of visits from various phone cable technicians (If I hear "anytime between 8am - 1pm" again any time soon, I'm going to do an ugly cry) and a new modem later, I am reconnected to the world.

Sadly, the most frustrating part of it all was that after all that too-ing and fro-ing, it turns out that some silly Telstra phone guy accidentally unplugged our cable and everyone that came and tested the line, totally missed the fact that it wasn't plugged in at the telephone exchange place.


ok, so rant over now. The only blessing about not having internet access for so long was that we got to watch a lot more tv got through a heap more projects around the house! Including tackling the ever-daunting chair recover project, which was an outstanding success. Step by Step tutorial coming really soon!

If you've come this far, thank you for allowing me a little self-indulgent rant & rave. Stay tuned for my next post about converting a duvet cover into... wait for it... another duvet cover! oh and a few other things.

Happy Monday & have a lovely week everyone.