Sunday, July 24, 2011

Repurposing a Kingsize bed quit cover

I was going through the linen closet last week, trying to have a bit of a cull. I live in an older home you see, which has a distinct lack of storage space. I’m takin’ no wardrobes, no linen cupboards and no junk closet to, well, hide all the junk. Instead, we have a bunch of Ikea wardrobes – they take up a hunk of space, but are seriously necessary. Space is at a premium, hence the cull!
I pulled out my Marriott duvet cover, which has been lurking in there for a while now.

image courtesy of Marriott UK
Now before you accuse me of being one of those take-everything-that-isn’t-bolted-down hotel guests, I actually won it. Yup – a duvet cover. Actually, it was more than just the cover – I won a kingsize bed, gorgeous linen, pillow topper for the mattress, a bazillion cushions, a duvet and the kingsize duvet cover.
Cool huh!

The king-size bed wouldn’t fit in my room though, so we sold that, but held onto everything else. But the duvet cover? I already had a spanky looking one on my bed, so it’s never been used.
I didn’t want to give it away…but then I had a brainwave. I’d cut it up!
Crazy huh – a gorgeous, brand new duvet cover, worth about $200 and I was about to cut it into pieces.
But I did.  
Firstly, I made a smaller duvet cover for the king single bed in our guest bedroom.
Then I made a matching pillow case
Then a pillowcase for the European pillow (this pillow was one from the prize loot!)
That duvet fabric just kept going!
I decided to make two smaller pillows for our main bedroom. I originally only had one square pillow, with a Sheraton pillow slip on it. Now it SERIOUSLY looked stolen, but I promise I didn’t!!! It was given to me when I went to one of their resorts for a famil (a shmancy term for a people in my industry who have to check out hotels and venues for their appropriateness to our work. Sweet job, huh!) So I cut the pillow form in half and made two matching pillow slips for them.

They’re very sweet, but I kinda thing we need a little texture there… I might remake them with a pleated front or something.

So there you have it – from one unused king-sized duvet cover to a new duvet cover and four different pillow slips. Not bad huh! Plus some fabric to spare… maybe some pretty napkins? A simple window cover for the blue bathroom window? Who knows, but I’ll let you know what I come up with!

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  1. I love the colors and the stripes! Great job!