Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet treats and thank-you's

I've been away from home this week - I'm working in Sydney doing my 'day job' which is fun. Not quite "Oprahs Ultimate Adventure tour of Sydney" fun, but a great experience anyway.

So tucked up in my hotel room, I'm checking emails on my iphone and who else should send me an email but the very lovely Roeshel from The DIY showoff.  I was super excited to hear that she a) liked my Hall Table post and b) that she was going to feature it on her blog!!

I haven't jumped on a bed since I was about 7, but being in a hotel room (with a high ceiling) I decided to indulge. Can I hear a 'WOO HOO!'

Thank you to all the lovely peeps out there who have enjoyed reading my post and to my new followers, I hope you enjoy stopping by!

So, of course being away from home certainly limits the projects I can do, but I thought I'd show you some photos from my other little hobby - baking and event styling. These are some photos from last weekend's babyshower that my business partner, Kim and I created. I baked my little heart out with this one. Hope you like the photos!

The theme was bunting in red white and blue

 The Boy cake, made by yours truely, was a dark chocolate mud and white chocolate mud cake, covered in MMF. The lettering was hand cut fondant as well.

 Little chocolate bars with personalised wrappers.

' Bunting' cookie favours

 Cupcakes.Wouldn't be a party without them! I am all about the cake to frosting ratio though (yummmm frosting!)

 White chocolate lamingtons (coloured red, to fit in with the theme!) In the background you can also see our chocolate dipped oreos with fondant decorations as well as rasberry lollies.

And there you have it! It was such a fun event to put together and I'm so glad the mummy-to-be loved what we came up with. (Plus all the guests were on a serious sugar highs for the rest of the afternoon).

If you like any of the printables, drop me an email - I'm happy to share!


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  1. oh wow !!
    I envy you having this as your profession :D
    really nice !! the cake sounds delicious