Monday, May 2, 2011

The Feature Toilet

If you've ever looked at Real Estate ads before, you know that there's a certain amount of poetic licence used in publishing their photos. Images are stretched to make the rooms look bigger, rooms are lightened to look brighter, green grass appears where there was just dirt and I've even seen blue skies photoshopped into the windows.

However, there's always a room or two that no amount of photoshopping is going to help make it look any better.

Our powder room is one of those rooms. I've decided not to even re-touch these pics - they're here in their dull and dark glory. Let's have a peak.

 (How flash is the door knob? I changed it from a very 70's triangle number, to a privacy lock - but the previous handle had just been painted around...) 

Ok, here's a little more. This is what you see as you enter.

And if you were sitting down, passing time, you could read this.

And for the gents, this is your 'standing' view

Oh, and if you looked up?

Yup. Even the ceiling is blue.

C'mon now, who on earth decided that this was going to be a good idea? Quirky, yes, but who wants the most stand out feature in your home to be the loo?

So, my generous readers, I'm after some advice. Other than stripping off the vinyl quotes and painting out all. that. blue.. what on earth can I do with the power room? 

Perhaps some batten and board? Some thick horizontal stripes? Or just paint it all out white?

oh - demolition, although considered, is not really an option - all other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



  1. I suggest lots of white paint to start with and then you can see what you really have!!! Those people must have really loved some blue!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Yes, I definitey think starting with a blank canvas of white is a smart way to go. I'm certainly leaning towards some B&B though too!